Buying Guide Overview

We wish it was easier, we really do. Between the hundreds of manufacturers, different mattress technologies, and consistent changes to our industry, it can be confusing for us at times, so we understand the difficulty that getting a good night’s sleep can be to all those trying to find it.

Our first and best advice is to come prepared to our shop, armed with every question you can think of, and all other information you may find relevant to share with our consultants to help guide you to the right decision. The manner in which you sleep, whether it is on your back, side or stomach are very relevant for finding a sleep system that fits your ideal supportive needs, so this is very important information to consider. Unique back, shoulder, neck, breathing, and other health issues are pertinent to the process, and need to be addressed as well.

The size charts will help you consider the size best suited to fit your needs; Queen, King (or Eastern King), and Cal King are optimal for two people. Other measurements, such as the height of your desired sleep system will need to be considered, as every sleep system has multiple foundation (box spring) height options.

Our team will help sort out the meaning and definition of words such as ILD and pocketed spring, as well as industry trends and things to avoid, but you can also refer to the mattress glossary and mattress myths for some of these answers.