Englander is one of the oldest mattress companies in the country, and in southern California produces some of the best value-oriented innerspring mattresses. We carry various models in the wire-tied and wrapped innerspring style, from a price point of $399 in a Queen set on up.




Generally regarded as one of the best independent mattress manufacturers in the country, Stress-O-Pedic produces bonnell and wrapped innerspring styles, starting at a price point of $699 (Queen set). Stress-O’s products have a few distinctive design differences, most importantly their decision to laminate all foam upholstery layers that sit atop the mattress, attempting to minimize the wear and impression in innerspring mattresses.


One of the top producers in the country, Simmons has been producing individuallypocketed spring mattresses for over 80 years, and still continues to make progress in improving the system that was called in the 1990’s the ‘bowling ball bed’. Their flagship line, the Beautyrest, has different collections, including the Classic, Elite and Black line.


Opened in the mid 20th century, Aireloom has a rich history, which includes many decades of providing the ultimate in sleep luxury, seen often in the homes of movie stars and presidents. Today, Aireloom’s products are created with today’s newer technologies in mind but still never letting go of some older mattress building techniques.