To complete your sleep system, a supportive pillow is needed to provide appropriate neck and spinal support. Like mattresses, there are many types of pillows and they come in many shapes and sizes.

Tempur-Pedic™ Pillows come in all shapes in sizes. There are two main groups, the Contour Pillows, and Filled Pillows. Contour pillows come in various thicknesses and styles, providing ergonomic support for the head, neck and spine. Filled pillows come in more standard shapes, are shapeable to your needs and have a gentle pillowy feel.

The Oxygen Pillow is a carefully constructed pillow with ergonomics, support, and breathing in mind. The core is a Oeko-Tex certified latex foam with a unique tri-layer construction and hollow core, allowing one’s neck and spine to be supported whether one is sleeping on their side or back. The Oxygen Pillow comes in different firmness and thicknesses in order to fit each individual to their own sleep needs.



Images from Tempurpedic.com and 02pillow.com