Introduced to the marketplace over 20 years ago, Tempurpedic is unique to all other foam copy-cats. With it’s special Tempur formula it’s known for it’s ability to conform to the shape of one’s body, reduce pressure points, and minimize the transfer of motion between partners.

Tempurpedic is broken into 4 collections, and all have their unique distinctions.




The Tempur-Cloud Collection combines the benefits of Tempurpedic with the feel of a pillowy soft mattress using the special Tempur ES foam. Models include the Cloud, Cloud Supreme, and Cloud Signature, and comforts range from Medium Soft to Soft.




The Tempur-HD Collection was introduced over 5 years ago, and uses a high density Tempur foam (7.0 lb) which allows for the greatest body conformity. Models include the Rhapsody, Allura and Grand Bed, with comfort ranging from Medium Firm to Medium.





The Tempur-Contour Collection is based on the original Tempur formula, and includes the Contour, Contour Select, and Contour Signature. Comfort ranges from Firm to Medium Firm.





The newest Collection, introduced in spring of 2012, is the Simplicity Collection. Designed to bring the benefits of Tempurpedic at a more affordable price, the Collection includes the Simplicity Firm, Simplicity Firm, and Simplicity Soft.





Images from Tempurpedic.com